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Consultation & Project Management

Years of experience doing these truly complex installations allow us to streamline the process, hitting milestones on schedule. All while avoiding pitfalls that are unforeseen to most. We are able to lead all teams since we are the only team fully focused on the day to day communicating with all contractors and school depts in a organized schedule.

CAD Drawings

Over the length of a project, iterations of CAD layout drawings will change 4-10 times as requests are made or unforeseeable issues arise. We can lead or consult on this part of the process to help keep deadlines on time. There are many hidden issues that Vessel's experience can help avoid.

Pre-Vis Renders

Vessel provides 3d renders based on your projects needs., insuring you know exactly what the end result will look like. We can offer many styles based on budget or preferred technology goals for your individual classroom or facility.

Our Tech & Installation

Vessel has partnered with CommLink to cut cost and stay on schedule. We have streamlined the PO process for tech and installation of non standard esports requirements that include the integration of video walls, game monitors, cameras and more. The idea of a professional esports arena loaded with amazing tech and squeezing this into a classroom is not easy feat. So we work with the best to make it a painless process.

A Quick Look of CommLink

Since 1985, Communications Link Service Corp. (CLSC) has delivered award-winning information and communications technology solutions for commercial, industrial, government and educational enterprises. The company’s comprehensive approach, experienced team and commitment to innovation and service make it the communications integration company of choice for organizations throughout the Northeast. Established in 1985, Communications Link Service Corporation has continuously ranked among the top regional communications companies in having state licenses and manufacturers certifications.

Level Up Your Esports Facility
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