We Plan, Room Design & Build Esports Installations

Our team alongside our partner companies offer one-of-a-kind technology solutions in esports installations. Leveraging our one of a kind design & installation experience, we are becoming the one stop shop for the highly in demand area of Esports Competitions Facilities.

  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Large Venues
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Spaces

Santa Ana Esports
Game Development Project

The Largest High School Esports Installation in the U.S.

Our Education Sector Services

There are many technologies & pathways to bring success to your students. Vessel can guide and plan the best possible plan.
We design with attention grabbing esthetics and captivating RGB lights with modern style and a future proof looking space.
Project Management
We manage and communicate the entire process with all internal teams as well as hired contractors and 3rd party installers.
This is a new type of installation for schools. We make sure everything runs smooth and efficient along the way. We can set a pathway for a long term successful education based strategy
We can consult and assist on creating curriculum for esports and game development that fits your school or business requirements
Vessel has hard to find experience in this new global sensation. We can guide you giving you full assurance you will achieve your goals in the most strategic and cost effective pathway possible.
Level Up Your Esports Facility
Today is the day to build the ultimate space that will inspire and focus students allowing them to find their passion and future career path. Reach out and let's create a great place for kids to learn and game.

Email us and let's start the discussion.

Why Esports?

High schools and colleges all over the world are adopting esports as a new career path for their students. This video can help get a quick idea of what is happening all around us at an exponential rate of growth and awareness.

Lets us help you stand out and present your space as a truly dedicated professional environment that will inspire and invoke a focused and determined response in everyone who enters your room.