About Us
We’re a rare type of creative thinkers known as esporticulia fanaticus.

Vessel and our partner companies are able to offer a "complete solution" from start to finish, from design to CAD drawings, installation of decor, all areas of RGB lighting, technology, marketing strategies and more. Our team & partners come from backgrounds ranging from large size attraction and cinema installation all over the world to the latest technologies in casinos and hotels.

We also are part of a large team that installed a technical marvel. The esports competition room at the famous TLC Chinese Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. Squeezing arena size technology into smaller spaces is what we do. That kind of experience is unparalleled and won't be found in a google search or a typical AV installation company. Work with us on your esports project and we will leverage years of experience to avoid unforeseen issues and consultation giving you an amazing and smooth process to your next level esports gaming space.

We Love what we do!  Email us anytime!
Level Up Your Esports Facility
Today is the day to build the ultimate space that will inspire and focus students allowing them to find their passion and future career path. Reach out and let's create a great place for kids to learn and game.

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